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Fly UL

Same shape as the Fly helmet, expressly made for the paramotor pilots
Rating: 2/5
Sales price: 980,00 ₪
Sales price without tax: 980,00 ₪
Manufacturer: Icaro 2000

Principal features



The Fly helmet, specially adapted for paramotor pilots The Fly UL has the same shape as the successful Fly helmet, but it has been specially modified for fitting ear cups in order to filter out engine noise.


No visor can be installed

Due to the position of the headsets, it is impossible to fix a visor to this helmet.

However, with each helmet we supply two pieces of Velcro which can be fixed at the back of the helmet. In this way, you can keep normal ski goggles in position.




  • XSmall (cm 54)
  • Small (cm 56)
  • Medium (cm 58)
  • Large (cm 60)
  • Extralarge XL (cm 61)
  • Not available:
    • XL (cm 62)
    • XXL (cm 64)
The size of a helmet is always described by the inner circumference of the internal padding.

The size number therefore corresponds to the head circumference in centimetres.


Interchangeable internal padding

This helmet has internal padding that can be replaced by larger or smaller padding pieces, thus varying the helmet size.

If the helmet is not a perfect fit, we send a new padding free of charge, independently from where you bought the helmet.

The important advantage: you can easily remove the padding and replace it with a new one or just wash it.


Airflow inside the helmet

You can open or close the entrance of the air into the helmet

just with one hand and while you are flying.

air flow closed

air flow opened


Plastic-coated stainless steel wire sidepieces and micrometric chin strap



Ear cups and headsets

We use only the finest Peltor-brand headsets, and we mount them perfectly onto the helmet.
We can apply the electronic apparatus for any type of radio equipment, including the professional headsets used by the Swiss aerial rescue service with our Rega helmet. For further information, go to our electronic headsets page.

Once the headsets are fixed with our special screws onto the helmet and the polystirene is perfectly positioned in to the shell, it's nearly impossible to take it out again. It becomes also difficult to change the headset.
For this reason we recommend to decide at order time the appropriate headset.

If customers or dealers already have their own headset and they wish to use them with a new helmet, we suggest to send us the headset so that we can fit it perfectly to the helmet. We will make up for not sending the noise-reduction headset (included in the price) by totally reimbursing the costs entailed in the despatch of your headset to our adress.
If you have any doubt about the application of the headset, please send us a mail to

For safety reasons, we do not sell the helmet to pilots who wish to use a conventional arching headset worn under the helmet.
Your head would no longer be well protected! See our page about headsets.


Certification E.N. 966

All our helmets have been tested and certified by CSI, a company authorized by the Italian Ministry of Transport and recognized by the German TUV.

This company issues certification for all helmets manufactured in Italy, including ours, which are designed especially for free flight, in accordance with European standards (EN 966).

Our helmets were designed and built specifically to be as light as possible. However they optimize safety for hang glider, paraglider and paramotor pilots, as shown by the information above.

For more information about the E.N. 966 test please read our page About safety

This helmet is certified only with the ear cups fixed onto the shell with our screw system.

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Download the manual for all helmets (Pdf)



  • Helmet gr. 600 +/- gr. 50
  • Ear cups Peltor Op II gr. 230    just to filter out engine noise
  • Electronic Headsets with cable gr. 390
The weight of a helmet has a tolerance of +/- gr. 50 due to the glue applied and to the thickness of the fiber glass layers.



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