Flight with a guide in the center

Over the sea, flying ATV, long distance flights

Flight over the sea in a paraglider

Flying ATV. long distance flights

A double paragliding experience over the beaches of Arsuf, Gesch and Netanya.
Only us and the birds, high above everyone else, enjoying the sand, the sun and the sea.
Pair paragliding is possible and suitable for anyone aged 6 and over.
No one is too young or old to fly.
The flight is carried out by a qualified and insured guide, in a special, large parachute,
Stable and comfortable to fly.

In each parachute, an instructor and a passenger fly together, each of them sitting in a separate harness.
The guide sits in the back and the passenger sits in front, so you are in the front row.
All that is left for you to do is relax, enjoy the wonderful landscapes of Israel,
Enjoy the flight experience and take breathtaking photos!

Flying over the sea with a paraglider will be possible mainly in the summer months, due
Weather conditions. The motorized paraglider will allow more flexibility,
But it is also subject to weather conditions.

Cost per passenger: 350 NIS (video recording plus 150 NIS) Flight duration: about 20 minutes

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Good to know

We at 7Winds consider flying people with disabilities a mission.
That is why we will do everything in our power to allow anyone to fly with us without additional payment, we are in contact with the leading companies in the field in order to
that we can allow it.

So that we can prepare accordingly, please inform us in advance of any restrictions that we should prepare for, including mobility in a wheelchair, weight above
001 kilo, hard of hearing, or any piece of information that we should know.

Children from the age of 6 can fly with us.
Upper threshold – none! We even have an 88-year-old camper 🙂