Fulfilling children’s dreams of tandem flying or accompanying them during their first groundhandling exercises is the most beautiful thing in the world. This is exactly what the KID harness was designed for.

The KID harness is a full paragliding harness with pack compartment, protector and is modeled on a regular harness in its construction. This harness is on one hand ideally to take children on the tandem parachute. However, due to its construction and functionality, it is also perfect for independent training in ground handling or the first hops on the practice slope.

Whether Avasport or Change Gravity, the values are the same. Safety, durability, function and comfort are the core values of our products. Thus, the KID also uses the proven Cordura, which is almost indestructible. With the 11cm thick foam protector, even the youngest passengers/pilots are perfectly protected. The buckles are specially designed so that they can not be opened by children. To ensure that the harness also sits optimally on the ground, an additional waist belt has been integrated. So that even the little ones can sit perfectly and switch comfortably between sitting and standing positions, a matching plastic seat board is installed.

The harness is offered in a standard color combinations from stock. Of course, you can still create your own personal harness.

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