Sky System 3 is a life saving system for both paragliding and
hang gliding. Sky System 3 is a hand-thrown or manually
activated emergency parachute canopy. The design,
materials and technologies used in the Sky System 3 make
the product very reliable. Panels are cut by a CNC cutter to
ensure pre-assembly precision and the right shape of panels.
The canopy is made of cloth specifically engineered for this
application. The cloth is treated with a material that prevents
sticking, to facilitate smooth and rapid deployment. The cloth is
also engineered to minimise shape distortion. These features, as
well as the distinctive canopy design and the low permeability
of the cloth results in a low sink rate.
The lines leading from the canopy are selected for their superior
strength and resiliency which reduces opening shock, especially
at high speeds. The Sky System 3 canopy has a centre line.
This design feature shortens the opening time and aids in
stabilisation. The canopy lines are packed in loops and each
loop is secured with a rubber fitting. As the system is deployed,
the loops are released one by one, thereby preventing tangling
and facilitating a smooth and even deployment.
The reserve is packed in an inner container linked to deployment
handle. The inner container is designed to open in any direction.
The safety pins at the end of the handle secure the system
within the outer container or harness, and prevent accidental
openings. The handle is also reinforced for an easy grip, even
when wearing gloves.

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