In the event of an emergency, you have to be able to rely on your reserve 100%. That’s why the PEPPER CROSS LIGHT increases your safety decisively. Thanks to its design, the square rescue chute has a very short deployment time and high pendular stability – two factors that can be crucial when the situation gets dicey. Large surface areas ensure a low rate of descent and the symmetrical structure helps reduce side drift to a minimum. This means that a stable descent with a pleasant landing is possible. Maximum safety doesn’t need to be bulky or heavy: the smallest sized PEPPER CROSS LIGHT starts at only 990 grams.

All who regularly pack their reserves themselves will really appreciate the inner container with its special line compartment. Robust materials ensure that this reserve will remain in top condition for many of years.

Five sizes cover a load of 55kg – 225kg, so you always have the right size with you from ultra-light to tandem use!

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