LINK harnesses are a light and comfortable tandem harness pair, ideal for professional and leisure flying. Thoughtful design features including an easy-tilt seat on the PASSENGER for effortless transitions from standing to seated and a lightweight honeycomb seat boards. It has comfort handles for the passenger to hold onto, and an instrument mount on the back is ideally placed in the pilot’s field of vision. The PILOT harness has split legs.

For protection, the PILOT harness can be ordered with either a 17.5cm foam protector or a weight-saving airbag. The lower back area of the PASSENGER harness is kept clean so as not to encumber the pilot, and the passenger is protected by an under-seat mousse protector.

The LINK harnesses are made using top quality lightweight materials and components. If well looked after they offer good longevity but as with all lightweight products, they must be treated with care.

Please note: the PASSENGER harness is not designed to withstand repeated seat-landings. Doing this will eventually damage the protector.

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