16 Dudek Warp 2



Warp 2 is designed especially for experienced pilots.
An ideal tool for classic competition and cross-country PPG flying: solid, agile, fast and efficient, offering a real pleasure of flying.
Warp 2 is definitely one of the fastest PPG paragliders in the world at the moment.
Cover longer distances, flying faster and more efficiently!

Warp 2 as compared to its previous version:

inflates much easier and faster
is more economical
achieves higher cruising speeds
even better flares at landing

The significant improvement in the basic parameters of the Warp was possible due to:

slightly altered profile and decreased modifying its geometry when changing the angle of attack
incorporating the LE3D system, used in new generations of our wings
clean three-row rigging with 17% less lines used, resulting in less drag.
The entire structure of internal reinforcements, including the advanced diagonal support system 3Y and 3Y double (passing through two cells and ribs at once) plays a large role in the stability of the wing. It is further complemented by carefully tuned controls, an integrated PA (Power Attack) system and, of course, the highest quality materials used for production.

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